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How Hydrogen is Used for Cold Fusion?
Hydrogen is about as basic as it gets. With the atomic number of 1, Hydrogen makes up most of this universe’s mass. It is also the lightest of all the atomic elements, weighing around 1.007 94 u. Hydrogen is generally colorless and odorless and is the main element in water, air, and pretty much everything we use and breathe every single day.
So it’s only natural Cold Fusion would incorporate vast amounts of hydrogen in its technology. Cold Fusion is the use of elements to create low-power energy. There will be no need to mine for millions of pounds of coal and oil to power it, saving the planet billions of dollars each year. Andrea Rossi and University of Bologna professor Sergio Focardi have patented a device that combines nickel hydrogen with other elements to emit up to 15,000 watts of power with as little as 400 watts powering it.

Nickel hydrogen fusion
Nickel hydrogen fusion is similar to the technology used in nickel cadmium batteries. Using a single nickel electrode to produce electricity, nickel hydrogen creates hydrogen gas. In the case of Cold Fusion, the hydrogen gas creates heat, which generates electricity with minimal effort.
Rossi and Focardi combine hydrogen gas with nickel powder in a reactor, catalyzing the elements to create a reaction. The process is strengthened by creating more pressure in the reactor, which in turn creates more power. Currently Andrea Rossi estimates 15,000 watts is maximum strength. Rossi has been powering his lab using this reactor for months, and plans to power other buildings are in process.
While fine details of Rossi’s work are still under wraps, an Italian patent has been issued. Other patents are in progress at this time. Rossi’s Energy Catalyst, known as E-Cat, will be incorporated into an E-Cat plant, which will likely be deployed in the United States later this year. The exact location of this plant will not be announced until closer to the date of its official launch.

Hydrogen as an alternative
Hydrogen has long
been considered a great alternative energy source. In itself, it is not a source of energy, but it makes a great energy carrier, due to it requiring so much energy to be extracted from water. Engineers have long studied hydrogen as a replacement for batteries and fuel cells, but it has not yet been incorporated into large-scale energy replacement, as Andrea Rossi is planning.
For environmentalists, hydrogen is the perfect energy replacement, as it causes no pollution when it is released. Engines that run on hydrogen are pollutant-free, which is why it has been used by NASA to power the space shuttle for the past four decades. In fact, space shuttle crews actually drink water released by shuttles’ electrical system.

Hydrogen is important in Cold Fusion because it is the hydrogen in cells that repel each other, which normally prevents fusion from happening. Scientists were able to cause fusion, however, by scaling the process down to one million billionth of a meter. This is just before the stage the repelling action begins to happen. This is where the theory of Cold Fusion gets its roots.

Scientific skepticism
Over the years, the scientific community has become skeptical of Cold Fusion, but Andrea Rossi’s news has even skeptics perking up. Many of his theories have been given great thought in recent months, as scientists break them down into their own theories. Since Rossi has not yet released his entire plan, all of this speculation is just that—speculation.
What we do know is this. Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi have created a device that uses nickel-hydrogen to generate thermal energy. It is anticipated that these generators will be in mass production in the next couple of years, which will only be the beginning of a gradual process that will change our planet. Households will no longer have high electricity bills to do the tasks of daily living. Drivers will no longer have to fork over large chunks of their household income to drive to work or take a vacation, as Cold Fusion will provide alternatives to power automobiles. Rossi’s work hints that our world may be on the verge of a complete energy revolution.

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